Bold Floral Wallpaper

Bold Floral Wallpaper

I have never really been a designer that gets excited about flowers on wallpaper, I guess it always seemed a little “girly” to me.  My decorating approach has always been more universal, focusing on creating an interior that would appeal to all those who enter the room, male and female, young and old… not just a limited few who appreciate floral wallpaper.

And yet this current trend of bold floral wallpaper has really caught my eye.


My sudden interest came about when one of my clients showed me a picture, similar to the ones I include in this article, and said “I want make the guest bedroom WOW”.  So I started looking for large bold floral wallpapers and the more I looked, the the more options I discovered.  And I must admit… I love it!


These images have stolen my heart, it might not be what most people would do for their interior, but I think these images are just too inspiring not to share.They are bold, colourful and eye-catching and yet I find them gentle and calming.


If you are inspired perhaps you should consider this concept for one of your rooms.  I found an amazing range of floral wallpapers from, and more close to home there is a range called Masterpiece from Eijffinger Wallpaper, available from Dreamweaver Studio’s.


Contact an Interior Designer who can work out your wallpaper requirements and arrange installation using a specialist wallpaper installer.  Jossi Design is always happy to help so please contact us with any queries.

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