5 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Bathroom Vanity

5 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Bathroom Vanity

We recently covered a blog on tiles, and this has quite naturally lead me to start thinking more about tips about designing your bathroom.  However when I sat down to look at this topic I realized that there are so many different design ideas and small details when it comes to bathroom design that it would be a very long blog.  So I thought I would divide up bathroom design even further and focus today on bathroom vanities and what we are seeing as the latest trends.

When it comes to designing the vanity there are quite a few elements to consider, from choosing the basin that best suits your needs and desired look, right through to the type of mirror you are going to put on the wall.  Therefore try not to focus on just the style of the vanity but the entire “vanity wall” as a whole, making sure the different design elements work together.  With some attention to detail you can achieve wonderful results and  create a real feature in your bathroom.

So here are my 5 favourite tips when it comes to vanity design:

1. Floating Vanities

Vanities that float off the back wall have been around for years now and the idea is not going anywhere.  I love the long lines created by drawers instead of cupboards, and floating shelves or open spaces allow you to show off the folded towels or display some candles which you can pull out quickly for those luxurious moments spent in the bath.

Photo Reference: Clem Around The Corner

For those of you who don’t mind giving up some storage space, a floating stone shelf with basin creates a wonderfully simple but effective vanity.  Note that the basin can either be a “sit on top” or “under counter” basin.  I am often asked by my clients which type of basin is the most modern look, and in truth I have no real personal preference.  For me, It is more important to get the right shape and depth of of basin that you are comfortable with and then to design a beautiful vanity around it.


Photo Reference: Carter Grange


2. Basins Made Entirely of Stone

While I have just said I don’t have a personal preference, that is not entirely true.  I just love these basins that are made up entirely of stone, however, this type of basin will not be found at your local bathroom showroom as it has to be purpose made and it can be a little pricey.  This basin can be a quartz such as Caesarstone, Eezi Stone or ProQuarts (for example), or as I recently discovered, these are now being made from large format porcelain tiles thanks to advances in tile technology and cutting methods.

This look is modern and minimalist, which makes my designer heart very happy indeed.

Photo Reference: Design Milk


3.  Mirrors

At Jossi Design we always design the vanity and the mirror together so that the two elements work hand in hand with each other to complete the overall.  At the moment there is a trend towards mirrors of different shapes, which is very effective in creating that additional touch of interest to the bathroom.

The most popular mirror shapes right now:

  1. Large Round
  2. Oval
  3. Square or rectangle with rounded edges


Photo Reference: Contemporist

Photo Reference: Apartment Therapy


4.  Feature Pendants

Adding pedants on the sides of the mirrors is another design element which can be added to the vanity area with brilliant results.  If you want to keep it simple just add one pendant to the one side of the vanity mirror, or you can use one pendant on either side of the vanity mirror.  Whichever you decide it will be a very effective feature to the bathroom.  I love the industrial feel of the black and glass pendants so we often use this type of fitting in the bathrooms we design for our clients.

Photo Reference: HOOMDSGN


5. Black Fixtures and Accessories

You may have noticed that most of the pictures I have chosen have black details in some way.  This is very popular at the moment and the use of black taps and fittings, black mirror edging and shelves is something that really catches my eye.  It is this type of attention to detail that I love:  it is simple yet very effective.

Photo Reference: Shopy Homes


I am looking forward to delving into bathroom design even further.  I hope you have found a little bit of inspiration for your bathroom project.  Feel free to contact Jossi Design for all of your Interior Design needs.

Feature Image by betterhomeshack.com

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