The Colour Yellow

The Colour Yellow

I remember attending a trend lecture a year or two ago and the speaker made an interesting statement that stood out for me at the time, he said: “The colour yellow does not work in South Africa, we just don’t use the colour in fashion and design”.

And yet I find myself using this colour more and more.  In fact, I love the brightness and the little “pop” of yellow in an Interior.  It makes the space fun, fresh and exciting.  Of course this is just my humble opinion against someone who researches trends for a living, but I want to try to prove my point here by including some images of yellow being used in furniture (available here in South African Design and Decor Stores)…







The above table and chair are readily available in local stores, and Jossi Design is currently incorporating the TV unit shown here into one of our residential client’s entertainment areas.


Yellow can be used in a child’s bedroom or playroom to create a fun experience.  But it can also take on a more serious role in any interior setting.  Moving away from furniture items we can look at extending yellow into wall paint colours and accessories.


And finally it has crept into wallpapers…

I personally am loving the colour yellow, especially with the neutral grey background tones and natural light timber finishes that are so popular in architecture and design right now. There are so many more examples of this colour being used in contemporary interiors and I hope my thoughts might make a small change to the concept that “Yellow does not work in South Africa”.  So go out and be brave…and start using yellow as a feature colour in your interior!