Staircase Designs

As Interior Designers we are usually asked to work closely the Engineers and Architects to design the staircase for our various projects.  The staircase is usually a fantastic opportunity to create a focal point or feature of the house, apartment, and even corporate or commercial space.  For me, it is such an important element of the interior and is sometimes overlooked in the design and planning phases.

Here are some of my favourite staircase designs, they are very architectural in their design and for me they create a very striking area for any interior.








There are so many wonderful staircase designs: from floating treads, to staircases with central supporting spines, to the winding staircases that still have their place in some (but not all!) interiors.  With each project we do extensive research to identify what staircase design will work for each particular client.  And we love to see the end result.

So if you are building your dream house, take some time to research your staircase…and don’t leave it too late as the floating staircase will require reinforcement in the side wall at the time of construction, and decide early whether you want foot lighting in the walls or within each stair tread.  It’s all in the planning so do your homework early!