Mission Italia

Mission Italia

In June 2016 I attended the Mission Italia, “Italian Design To The World” conference in Milan, Italy.  This was a wonderful opportunity to not only get to know more Italian products but to also meet with Designers, Architects and Hospitality Advisors from all over the world.


Being able to Partner with such a prestigious organisation as Mission Italia was a real privilege and I was able to make invaluable contacts and friendships.


The most memorable companies is Linvisible… and I even made time for a showroom visit where I was walked through the whole design process right down to the hinges and sliding mechanisms used in this type of application.


I found this to be a very interesting design concept, having dealt with the sometimes frustrating task of getting door frames, architraves, skirtings and even the doors to work together to create a harmonious design.  The omission of door frames and architraves to achieve an almost seamless meeting of the doors to the walls might just save me a few headaches on future projects.


As you can see from the images you can paint the door so that it stands out alone as a feature within the wall, or you can have the door and walls cladded in wood paneling or even stone or granite to achieve the ultimate “hidden door” and concealed room behind.