Top Three Interior Design Trends for 2024

Interior design is a field that keeps practitioners on their toes as new products are continually entering the market and annual international design trade shows provide new inspiration for designers.

So, what is in store for interior design in 2024? Three main trends will be taking center stage this year, namely: Warm Minimalism, Maximalism and what we have termed ‘The Smart Design’.

Warm Minimalism

The typical minimalist style comprises of uncluttered space and an attitude of ‘less-is-more’ that has become well recognised in modern design.  This approach remains strong this year, but it does take on a new twist as it takes on a more wholistic ethos.  Thus, the phrase “design with intention” is doing the rounds within the interior design industry, encouraging a design approach that takes its inspiration from nature, eco-consciousness, social interaction, slowing down and being true to one-self.  ‘Warm minimalism’ therefore moves away from the more intimidating aspects of the stereotypical minimalist interior (straight lines, hard finishes and white furniture that create concerns regarding comfort and durability).  Interior design is 2024 focusses its attention on the creation of stylish spaces where family and friends can gather and interact with ease and comfort.

This design trend therefore encompasses natural tones, finishes and textures, and a warmer palette with accents in blues and greens.  Essentially the colours and finishes are inspired by nature, while sustainability, eco-consciousness and being true materials are also important considerations.  Scandinavian designed furniture therefore fits well into this trend.  There is a clear desire to bring more natural light into the interior space, moving away from heavy and decorative window treatments towards large bare windows (or dressed in sheer curtains or rollerblinds). With this in mind the integration of skylights into design planning may also gain more importance in 2024.


At the other end of the design spectrum enters ‘Maximalism’, a trend centered on creating grand interior spaces that scream “opulence!”.  Unique furniture pieces and decorative accessories in bold patterns, colours, textures can be combined to create an elegant and elaborate interior setting that shows off the homeowner’s personality.  Fun accents such as colourful and oversized vases, organic shaped mirrors and dramatic tile patterns on floors or feature walls are elegantly placed to bring grandeur to interior spaces.

The Smart Design

Technology has advanced dramatically in the ‘smart homes’ industry and interior designers are effortlessly incorporating automated curtains or blinds, smart audio-visual systems and air-conditioning into their designs, all controlled at the touch of a button from smart phones or tablets.  And this trend will continue to present itself in modern design as society readily adopts AI.   This ‘high-tech’ approach will take hold specifically in kitchen design where modern appliances in black or silver will form the key accent features while all other clutter or décor items must be hidden from view.

When it comes to metallics, black, gold and bronze have been dominant decorative finishes for the past few years, however, in 2024 we will see a return to silver and chrome finishes in décor accessories and lighting fixtures.

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What Does This Mean for Interior Design in 2024?

‘Design with intention’ is key in 2024 and each interior space must be designed with the purpose of creating meaning and represent the authenticity of the homeowner.  This means that the intention of the interior space takes priority:  a space centered on social interaction with family and friends, a calm private space to reflect, or an elegant dining area for formal dinners. It also means placing importance on eco-friendly design, sustainable materials and design that is inspired by nature.  Custom furniture and personalised art will outrank mass produced furniture pieces and curved cabinetry and organic shaped mirrors soften the interior setting.  There is also a practical aspect to these rounded shapes in furniture trends: a curved couch in a lounge setting encourages close contact and a sense of engagement and intimacy, something society has come to appreciate after the lockdowns experienced during the Covid pandemic.

Whatever your design style, for 2024 I encourage you to be truly authentic in your decorating approach.  Consider what you want for your life and set out to create meaningful spaces that express your unique style and elegance while encouraging the easy gathering and interaction of good friends and loving family members.

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