Jossi’s Favourite Things From 2019

While I am personally pretty happy to have said goodbye to 2019, there are some interior design and decor items that I have loved using during the course of last year.  Below are Jossi Design’s favourite things from 2019:

1. Modern Ceiling Strip Lighting supplied by Capco


















These clever ceiling profiles make Interior Design so much more exciting.  The recessed trimless Capco profile is installed by your ceiling contractor during (and sometimes even after) the ceiling installation, giving you this seamless lighting effect.  It is so versatile that you can let your imagination run wild and has therefore become a firm favourite in both home and commercial interior applications.


2. Exciting New Light Fittings by Get Dark


I have just loved using these light fittings from Get Dark.  The fittings are unique without being over the top and they are an amazing feature in any room.  Love them!


3. Bold and Fun Fabrics and Wallpapers


Want to make a statement?  These bold colours and patterns are a real head-turner.  We recently used the last image as a wallpaper in a client’s home in Durban and it looks AMAZING!  She was so thrilled with the result.  The range is available in both wallpapers and fabrics so you can play around as much as you like, find these and more at Hertex Fabrics.


4. Tinted mirrors


Bronze Glass and Mirror have become fantastic design elements adding that touch of glam to feature walls as seen in this bedroom.  They also make fantastic splashbacks for upmarket bar or entertainment areas and we are seeing this more and more in modern kitchen design.  The bronze colour makes a real an impact and I plan to keep using this in many of our designs throughout 2020.


5. Gold and Bronze Feature Trims In Joinery


Keeping with the bronze theme, joinery design has taken on a whole new dimension with the introduction of gold and bronze trims and accents.  We are using these accents more and more in skirtings, built in cupboards and workstations, vanities and even these acoustic panels for a home theatre.  Use these trims with wood or grey painted tones to create an elegant but modern statement.


6. Reflect Mirrors


Reflex mirrors come complete with built in LED Lighting and are available in the Touch Range and the Motion Sensor Range.  These elegant mirrors can run on a battery system or can be connected to a light point that has been installed behind the mirror before tiling.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and are an amazing addition to any bathroom.


7.Black Sanware and Accessories


Black accessories have been gradually gaining popularity, I say gradually because many people are not sure about making the leap from traditional chrome taps and accessories to ‘harsh’ black.  But it is so worth it!  While chrome fittings are still used in the majority of our bathroom designs, I personally love the dramatic look black fittings achieve and I hope more clients will allow us to explore this further.


8. Timber Feature Walls and Ceilings


So this trend has been around a while but I finally found a client willing to let me use timber on a feature wall AND on the ceilings.  In this case there was a massive beam running from the wall through the kitchen area and while I am sure the engineer needed that beam, it really didn’t make any sense from an aesthetic point of view.  So I convinced my client (over several weeks of back and forth) to clad the wall and the beam in timber and to create false ceiling rafters to tie it all together.  And I think the end result is just fantastic.


9. Large Format Tiles


There amazing large format tiles are now available from various tile suppliers and can be found as tall as 3m and seem to be getting even larger due to new manufacturing methods.  The effects are truly amazing and I have had such fun creating unique bathroom designs with the different options available.  The suppliers I can highly recommend are Classic Luxury (also known as Classic Trading) and Select-A-Tile.


10. Hanging furniture


Again, this is not really a new Interior Design concept, but I experienced several requests throughout 2019 to design unique hanging pieces of furniture, from hanging seats and swings in bedrooms, through to hanging bed and workstations.  I took this photo whilst staying at this beautiful hotel in Mauritius over the Christmas holidays so I thought I would include it here to sum up this quirky design feature and as a memorable way to close off 2019.

Let’s have a little fun with 2020!

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